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Supporting Online Tables

Supporting Online Tables for Chromatin-associated periodicity in genetic variation downstream of transcriptional start sites

Supporting Data

"Chromatin-associated periodicity in genetic variation downstream of transcriptional start sites" (Science 2009)

"Reconstruction of the vertebrate ancestral genome reveals dynamic genome reorganization in early vertebrates" (Genome Res. 2007)

UTGB/Medaka Track Data

The following files, except for genetic marker information, are compressed with gzip

The raw sequences of 5' SAGE (5'-end serial analysis of gene expression) tags in multi-FASTA format.

See also 5'SAGE Track Information

The assembly sequence of medaka genome. All files are in multi-FASTA format

The newly identified repetitive sequences. The file is in FASTA format

The raw BAC end sequences are in multifasta format.

See also BAC end Track Information

Sequence data is available in the multi-FASTA format

See also Medaka Transcript Track Information

The raw fosmid end sequences are in multi-FASTA format.

See also Fosmid end Track Information

The genes that are predicted by Medaka Genome Project.

See also Predicted gene Track Information

*The EasyGeneTrack is a format used for drawing UTgenome browser tracks.

PCR primers, aneal temperature and restiriction enzemes informations (only in the case of RFLP marker) are shown in the tables (Excel 97-2003 format).

See also Genetic Marker Track Information


Alignment between Hd-rR and HNI. Polymorphic informations including SNPs are here
See also HNI alignment Track Information and file information