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UTGB/Medaka Genome Browser

Supporting Online Tables

Supporting Online Tables for Chromatin-associated periodicity in genetic variation downstream of transcriptional start sites

UTGB/Medaka Track Data

The following files, except for genetic marker information, are compressed with gzip

The raw sequences of 5' SAGE (5'-end serial analysis of gene expression) tags in multi-FASTA format.

See also 5'SAGE Track Information

The assembly sequence of medaka genome. All files are in multi-FASTA format

The raw BAC end sequences are in multifasta format.

See also BAC end Track Information

Sequence data is available in the multi-FASTA format

See also Medaka Transcript Track Information

The raw fosmid end sequences are in multi-FASTA format.

See also Fosmid end Track Information

The genes that are predicted by Medaka Genome Project.

See also Predicted gene Track Information

*The EasyGeneTrack is a format used for drawing UTgenome browser tracks.

PCR primers, aneal temperature and restiriction enzemes informations (only in the case of RFLP marker) are shown in the tables (Excel 97-2003 format).

See also Genetic Marker Track Information


Alignment between Hd-rR and HNI. Polymorphic informations including SNPs are here
See also HNI alignment Track Information and file information